Maddie, i'm 15 from England. Absolute TV junkie. Once upon a time, Reign, Harry potter and Sherlock, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Teen wolf, Divergent and everything in between. Massive fan of The Maze Runner, Matched, and Delirium.


Laverne Cox, a star is born…

Activist, actress, advocate, author, dancer, director, producer and tour de force; born May 29th, 1984 (thirty years young).


tumblr and puns



You follow me on tumblr but will you follow me into war

shut the fuck up steve

"   Don’t you ever apologize for being an artist. Do not let others question your degree. They NEED you and what you have to offer. Think about it. What do those sad people who work in their cubicles do at the end of the day to lift their spirits? They watch a movie. They read a book. They always go back to the artist. So pursue your career purposefully and vigorously. You owe it to those unhappy people.   "
An acting professor in my theatre department at my university (via zaksaidso)


why the fuck is Sherlock Holmes’ brother named Microsoft 


this show never fails me


Does anybody else remember how amazing this TV show was? I legitimately miss watching Kim Possible.